Diversity and Inclusion Project

familynurturingcenter“We asked Cheryl Harris to help us think about diversity, equity and inclusion at Family Nurturing Center. After a brief organizational assessment she helped us sort out some complex issues where issues of race and inclusion were being confused with organizational structure and decision making. She provided us with some wonderful tools to foster communication at all levels of the organization. 

Cheryl Harris is a highly skilled Organizational Consultant and she created a safe space for us to directly address and resolve some challenging issues.

She is comfortable with and affirming of staff at all levels of the organization. Her approach was well suited to our organizational culture. For Cheryl—One Size Does Not Fit All!!.  I highly recommend her.”

Matthew LiPuma

Executive Director, Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts

Project Description

Currently consulting to a non-profit organization in Boston on strengthening diversity and inclusion competencies among all staff. Project phases include an assessment; establishing a shared mindset among the senior leaders and diversity and inclusion training.

Leaders confirm improved communication and collaboration and enthusiasm for the work. Additionally, they are intentionally seeking opportunities to include more input from one another and the wider population. Client has extended contract.

Project Details

Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts
Date Ongoing
Skills Diversity and Inclusion

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