Transforming social constructs. Changing the world.

Using a reflective learning process, Cheryl Harris & Associates, Inc. challenges influential leaders to operate authentically, purposefully and effectively to implement systemic change that transforms social constructs and thereby changes the world.

Our services are aimed at leaders who intentionally desire comprehensive and systemic change and include:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Diversity and Inclusion Consulting
  • Team Development Consulting and Workshops

We combine academic, professional and spiritual tools for leadership coaching, diversity & inclusion consulting and team development.

A Holistic Approach


It’s tough work to change. We use multiple methodologies to collaboratively develop a current snapshot of your organization.


We recognize the importance of a measurable plan. That’s why we map out a strategy and series of checkpoints to measure success and evaluate progress.


With an understanding of the situation (diagnosis) and a plan for moving forward (design), our delivery produces results that create comprehensive and sustainable change.

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